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This course is designed to reinforce and advance foundational dance skills for students who have spent at least one full semester in UGA Salsa Club classes OR one full semester taking classes with SALSAthens :) 


You will learn a variety of partner work combos that may be linked together into a longer set, as well as timing on the rueda with a focus on partner-changing/dynamic whole-group moves. We will also spend time talking about the music (finding the "1"), musicality, tiempo vs. contra tiempo, on 1 vs. on 2 etc. 


The lessons will require that students have an understanding of basic footwork and are able to lead/follow turns, cross-body lead/dile que no, enchufla, and vacila.  


Classes will be held Sundays in June from 11am to 1pm at the YWCO on Research Drive. 


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