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New to Cuban Salsa?? We've got you covered!

No partner required! Open to EVERYONE!!

Membership dues are as follows:

* No membership is needed to participate in the 4pm-4:45pm Level 1 lesson. This lesson is completely free and open to everyone all the time! Come and bring a friend and try it out risk free!!


* A weekly membership of $5 is available for those who attend either the Level 2 Partner Work or one of the Rueda lessons with minimal risk or obligation.


$30 UGA Students

$35 UGA Faculty/Staff

$45 Non-UGA Community Members

Spread the word and bring your friends and let's have some fun!!


Fall 2023


TIME: 4pm - 6pm

LOCATION: Adinkra Hall

(Rm. 407 in Memorial Hall)


Level 1 Basic Footwork & Intro. Partner Work

Level 2 Partner Work


Level 1 Rueda de Casino Fundamentals

Level 2 Rueda de Casino Figures

Last Sunday of Every Month!

4pm: Timba Suelta

5pm: Bachata

Proficiency with each move in your level is required for transitioning to the next one. We understand that every student is different, so at any point if you feel that you are not being challenged, then feel free to talk to one of the instructors for your level.


Once you’ve leveled-up it is still STRONGLY encouraged that you continue coming to the first class for review and conditioning, as well as to help with new dancers! Repetition is key for engraining the moves into your muscle memory.

The best way to practice is by social dancing! 

Want to join us on the dance floor? Check our calendar or click here for more details!

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