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New to Cuban dance?? We've got you covered!

Join us on SUNDAYS @ Adinkra Hall

Rm. 407 in Memorial Hall

No partner required! Open to EVERYONE

We also offer bachata @ 5pm on the last Sunday of each month!


Foundational Movements

Designed for students with no prior salsa dancing experience or no dance experience in general. This course will cover the basic steps to learn timing in the music and develop muscle memory. We will gradually transition to partner work and by the end of the semester you will be able to execute a basic partner work combination on your own.


It is recommended that you take this class for at least one full semester (approximately 16 classes) before moving up to the Partner Work and Fundamentals of Rueda I. 


Partner Work / Fundamentals of Rueda de Casino I 

Designed for students who already have the foundational foot work of salsa—basic step, crossbody lead, outside turns—regardless of style previously learned (e.g. LA style) this course will add a new style to your dance repertoire.


The first half of the class will focus on Cuban style partner work as well as figures from ‘rueda de casino’ that are versatile enough to be used on the social dance floor. The second half of the class will teach positioning on the ‘rueda’, or ‘wheel’, with a focus on timing through a variety of partner changing moves from the ‘dame’ and the ‘enchufla’ families. 

Spring 2024 we will… 

Review: vacílala/vacílense los dos, medio sombrero, sombrero, enchufla (partner work & rueda versions), adiós con la hermana (aka la prima), el dedo, Evelyn, and Kentucky.


Learn: sombrero doble, setenta, setenta cubano, paséala (partner work & rueda versions), coca-cola, siete coca-cola, a variety of dynamic partner changing moves on the rueda


Fundamentals of Rueda de Casino II

Designed for students who have shown understanding of their positioning on the rueda as well as proficiency in the musical timing required for the ‘dame’, ‘enchufla’, and other partner-changing moves. 


In addition to reinforcing timing, the class will also incorporate casino figures (e.g. vacílala, el dedo, sombrero, etc.) learned in Fundamentals of Rueda I and incorporate them on the wheel. 


Spring 2024 we will reinforce the use of dynamic partner changing moves in the rueda as well as the following figures: 

  • vacílala/vacílense los dos

  • medio sombrero

  • Sombrero

  • enchufla 

  • adiós con la hermana

  • el dedo

  • Evelyn

  • Kentucky

  • sombrero doble

  • Setenta

  • setenta cubano

  • Paséala

  • Coca-cola

  • siete coca-cola


Rueda for Performance*

Don’t let the name fool you!! While this class is highly recommended for all members of the TIMBAthens Performance team, you will never be required to perform simply by electing to take this course. It is designed to hone the dance skills of students who want to improve their timing on the wheel with partner changing moves from the ‘dame’ and ‘enchufla’ families.


Students in this course should be proficient in fundamental moves from the ‘dame’ (e.g. dame dos, dame p’arriba, dame con las manos) and ‘enchufla’ (eg. enchufla doble, enchufla festival) families.


Spring 2024 we will focus on a variety of more complex and dynamic partner-changing moves that are fun and eye-catching, such as: dame derecho sin fuego, dame no le llegues, echufla con bikini, chisme, el cero, "dedo, guarapo y bota", "enchufla, puente y dame," ALL the festivales ;) ... and more! 

*Prior to taking this course students should also have the ability to execute at least 10 of the following moves:

  • Vacila / vacílense los dos

  • Sombrero / sombrero doble

  • Evelyn

  • El dedo

  • Kentucky

  • 70 /  70 cubano

  • Coca-Cola

  • Siete coca-cola

  • Adiós / Adiós con Hermana (la prima)

  • Paséala

Membership dues are as follows:

* No membership is needed to participate in the 3:30pm lesson. This lesson is completely free and open to everyone all the time! Come and bring a friend and try it out risk free!!


* A weekly membership of $5 per class is available for those attending the 4pm or 5pm lessons with minimal risk or obligation.


$30 UGA Students

$35 UGA Faculty/Staff

$45 Non-UGA Community Members

Spread the word and bring your friends and let's have some fun!!

UGA Salsa Club is powered by

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TIMBAthens, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Proficiency with each move in your level is required for transitioning to the next one. We understand that every student is different, so at any point if you feel that you are not being challenged, then feel free to talk to one of the instructors for your level.


Once you’ve leveled-up it is still STRONGLY encouraged that you continue coming to the first class for review and conditioning, as well as to help with new dancers! Repetition is key for engraining the moves into your muscle memory.

The best way to practice is by social dancing! 

Want to join us on the dance floor? Check our calendar or click here for more details!

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